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As we gear up for the release of the new iLinkBlue, we have been receiving questions regarding the setting up users for the new iLinkBlue. This guide will help answer some questions you may have.

As an administrative representative

1. How do I set up a user?

Full instructions on how to set up your users are included in our Security Setup Guide. We included this guide as an attachment to your administrative representative "Welcome Email." It is also available under the Manuals section of the current iLinkBlue (

2. What is the purpose of the Designated User Spreadsheet?

This spreadsheet was also attached in the "Welcome Email" and is for your internal use only. Its purpose is to aid you in tracking the users you set up in the security tool and the security access you give to each user.

3. Who notifies my users that they are set up with security access?

As the administrative representative, you are responsible for individually notifying each of your users. A sample email template is included in the Security Setup Guide.

4. How do my users get their username?

The username for your users will be the email address you use to set each of them up with security access. You should include this information in the individual email you send to each user. Users will then reset their password using the "Forgot/reset password" before logging in to iLinkBlue for the first time. Users must protect their password and not share it with anyone, including the administrative representative.

5. If my user has access to the current iLinkBlue, will I still need to give my user access to the new iLinkBlue?

Yes. The new iLinkBlue is under a higher-level of security and therefore requires a different level of security access. You must set up your existing users in the security tool by selecting the "Pre-Service Review" application option in order for them to have access to the new iLinkBlue.

6. Should I add new users now or wait until the new iLinkBlue is available?

You should add your users in the security setup tool now. Then, when the new iLinkBlue is available, your users can then obtain their own password using the email address you used to set them up.

As a new user

1. What is my username?

Your administrative representative will set you up in our security tool using your email address. This will be your assigned username.

2. What is my password?

Before a new user logs in for the first time they must reset their password. Instructions on how to reset a password are listed below.

From the login screen:

  1. Click on the "Forgot/reset password" button
  2. Follow screen prompts to enter username and click "Request Password" button
  3. A secure email will be sent containing a temporary password. If you have not logged into our secure email system you will need to set up a password to view the secured email.
    Please note: This password is not the same as your iLinkBlue password.
  4. Log on using the temporary password located in your secured email and follow screen prompts to establish a long term password

3. Who should I contact if I am unable to successfully log in to the new iLinkBlue?

Users should always refer back to their administrative representative with any security access questions or concerns. Your administrative representative is who is responsible for your level of security access in our system.

Questions about the new iLinkBlue

How do I access the new iLinkBlue?

Good news! The current link used today will automatically be updated to access the new iLinkBlue upon its launch on March 16, 2017. If you currently have iLinkBlue bookmarked as a "favorite link" you do not need to update your bookmark.


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